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We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and dealer of welding machine in India. POSWAL WELDING TECHNOLOGY has been engaged in this manufacturing activity for the last 20 years of manufacturing more than 30 model of welding machines. We are offering high performance inverter welding machine, which manufactured from our own company and distributed to all over the India.

We have Full Digital welding machine ARC welding machine, MIG welding machine, Tig welding machine, Tig AC/DC Aluminium welding machine, Cold welding machine, Plasma cutting machine, Stud welding machine and Spot welding machine.

We provide our qualified technician to services in all over India. We are using High Efficiency ferrite core High frequency transformer. Protection against Under Voltage, Over voltage & surge in input power – Safety in operation over heat. Latest inverter technology with IGBT – Lightweight and Compact Design welding machine.

MMA Welding also known as Stick Welding or ARC welding machine. MMA (Manual Metal ARC) welding uses a coated electrode which you put into an electrode holder. When the end of the electrode rod touches the workpiece, an arc is struck. The combination of Poswal welding equipments, experience and skills is the key to successful welding. We can help with welding guides, phone advice WhatsApp and welding videos.

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Welding and cutting machine

We are one of the leading welding machine manufacturers in India. Our product range includes Arc Welding Machine, MIG Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machine, TIG AC/DC Welding Machine, Stud Welding Machine, Spot Welding Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, Inverter Welding Machine, Portable Welding Machine & Welding Automation

POSWAL Welding INDIA No.1 Sales in TIG, MIG, Plasma, Arc, Cutting Machines, spot welding Machine, Stud Welding, welding Accessories and all equipments .                             

The POSWAL 250 MIG Welding Machine is a powerful Lightweight, constant power control which is suitable for welding narrow and high places  .

The POSWAL 300 TIG Welding machine has strong ability to resist voltage fluctuation. Power saving with  high efficiency and Suitable for Stainless steel welding ,Single tube IGBT Invertor technology .

We are immersed in manufacturing and supplying qualitative range of welding machine and cutting machine. Our plasma cutting machines are developed by using refined grade raw material and advance technology. Our optimized, customized & designed welding equipments ensure low power consumption at 100% duty cycle.

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Our Products Range

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Stud Welding Machine RSR 2500

High efficiency stud welding, fast charging, improving efficiency.

350 ARC 3 Phase Welding Machine

Constant power control and stable output

Cold Welding LH 2600

Lightweight, suitable for decoration and maintenance industries.

Cut 80 Welding Machine

It is suitable for all kinds of electrodes such as acid and alkaline electrodes for all-round welding.

MIG ARC 250 Welding Machine

Perfect overvoltage, undervoltage, overheadting, overcurrent and automatic protection.

TIG 250 AC DC Welding Machine

Single tube IGBT inverter technology, low power consumption, low noise, high frequeccy.

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We sell high quality based products and every component which we use to make our products is ISI marked.

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We have served more than 1,50,000+ satisfied customers and solid base of repeat customers and increasing day by day.

ISO 9001 & 14001

We are ISO 9001 & 14001, CE and NSIC certified company. NSIC Certificate is a vital document that is given to MSMEs.

Authorised Supplier

We are authorised government supplier and highly recommended brand by BHEL, ONGC, HAL, SAIL, BARC, GAIL, NHPC, ISRO.

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We are best in our customer satisfaction policy, After sales technical training and support

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How to Choose a Perfect Welding Machine

The world of welding is fascinating—especially, to a DIY enthusiast or an aspiring welder who has just begun to learn the trade—with its wide range of products and accessories available for use on the market.

List of Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Welding Machine